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About Us

About us

Soul Flow Healing Collective is a monthly healing fair offering treatments utilizing Hands-On Reiki, Quantum Scalar Biofeedback and a variety of healing modalities.

These events are intended to connect people with a variety of skilled healers in their community to create a space of support for all. 

Hannah Bourke

Hannah works with a blend of intuitive energy reading and powerful energy healing, intended to guide you back to the truth of your own knowing, and the wisdom of your own soul. Her purpose is to help you see and release the stagnant and stuck energies your body and spirit may be holding onto, so you are able to embody the fullest expression of your innate divine light. 
Hannah is a trained clairvoyant psychic, sound frequency healer, and intuitive energy healer, who has practiced hands-on Reiki energy medicine for 6 years, and studied clairvoyance and energy healing at The Berkeley Psychic Institute full time for two years. She graduated from the Intensive Clairvoyant Training Program as a Reverend through The Church of Divine Man, and has consecrated her gifts in service to the healing and awakening of humanity and all life.

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Shanti Saltzman

Shanti is a Spiritual Coach, Medical Intuitive, and Quantum Biofeedback practitioner. She combines a background in Counseling Psychology, Human Energy Systems, Intuition Medicine® and a lifetime studying various healing and mindfulness practices, with coaching training from the Life Purpose Institute and certification from The Academy of Intuition Medicine®.  Shanti is a certified biofeedback practitioner, specializing in the SCIO biofeedback device, which assists in balancing the body and human energy system of an individual.  Shanti has also completed certification training in the use of Flower Essences and Family Herbalism.  

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Featured Guest Healers

July 2023

Shante McDonald

Shante is a birth doula and energy healer who specializes in womb healing and natural childbirth. She helps guide and coach women through childbirth. She works with women who are interested in connecting to their sacral chakra to connect to their creativity, manifest desires, and boost confidence. Shante uses a blend of reiki and limpias from her Mexican heritage to eliminate negative energy, fears, and set positive intentions for the future. She is a reiki practitioner who helps women with clearing energy blockages and becoming energetically aligned. Shante is also certified in hypnotherapy and currently in training to become a reflexologist.


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Soul Flow Healing Collectives

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